We'll make your perfect blackops as you want it or wrestled with the appropriate mods for Zombie .. As we build you one online aimbot .. We do everything that your Black Ops is the way you want it ..

Payment: Payment is due in part, Microsoft Points, the ranking also manipulated free ..

Modding is: All add-ons, weapons, and of course all the golden 15th prestige...


Process: Since no online lobbies to host more, everything must be done through system link. For this purpose, the profile data needed by e-mail or Gamertag: x RI3 be sent 2Pac's all 100% safe because it is a JTAG company: ''RI3 JTAG industries''

Someone whom one is appointed lobby of the 15th patch created within 5hours ..



We also service the JTAG you get a xenon

!!!We assume no promises or via their accoud what happens next if they are banned but they hesitate to contact us and we will ensure that all law is back ..
This as written above, we need their data accound!!!


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